Editions Ulmer – translations

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My first translation for Editions Ulmer of Paris was

  • Le Vasterival – the four-season garden, by Princess Greta Sturdza (2006)

(a lovely book with an ungainly title, decided by committee). This was followed by several volumes in their series Des Jardins d’exception, including

  • Giverny: The garden of Claude Monet (2009)
  • Eyrignac: Manor Gardens (2010)
  • Marqueyssac: The overhanging gardens (2010) (another ungainly title!)
  • Les jardins du Bois des Moutiers (2011)
  • Les jardins de Villandry (2011)
  • Vauville – The traveller’s garden (2011)
  • Le jardin du Vasterival (2011)
  • Les jardins Agapanthe (2012)
  • Le Bois du Fay: The garden of an American in France (2012)
  • Le jardin d’Hermannshof (2013)
  • Les Jardins de Séricourt (2014)
  • Chaumont-sur-Loire (2014)
  • Bomarzo: The Sacred Wood (2014)
  • Niki de Saint Phalle – The Tarot Garden (2014)
  • Les jardins de Valloires (2016)

as well as, in other formats,

  • Hydrangea – Portraits of hydrangeas, by Corinne Mallet (2007)
  • a book on sculptor Thierry Martenon – Wood: from nature to sculpture (2016)
  • Le Jardin PlumePlaying a game with nature (2017).

(NB Cover designs & photos are all © Editions Ulmer and the original photographers:
Le Vasterival:  Didier Willery; Valloires: Franck Boucourt; Villandry: Georges Leveque; Niki de Saint Phalle: César Garçon; Eyrignac: Eric Sander; Giverny: Brigitte & Philippe Perdereau; Chaumont: Eric Sander; Hydrangea: Main: Didier Willery; details: Robert Mallet; Thierry Martenon: Thierry Martenon? ; Le Jardin Plume: Joëlle et Gilles Le Scanff-Mayer)


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