RHS articles

A selection of articles for the RHS…

(click on the titles to open the pdf files)

… with my words and photographs:

Blanc canvases: The Garden March 2007
(The green wall designed by Patrick Blanc at the Musée du Quai Branly, Paris)

A swell hobby: The Garden Oct 2008
(Growing record-breaking pumpkins in Skurup, Skåne, southern Sweden)

Spring at Gable House: The Garden Feb 2010
(John Foster’s snowdrop garden at Redisham near Beccles)

Taiwan on display The Garden 2010
(The first-ever reciprocal RHS garden was built at the Taipei flower show this year: I was the journalist on the site reconnaissance team. A short general article about the country written as background to the event)

Land of orchids (The Garden online extension 2010)
(A longer online article about Taiwan’s ‘special relationship’ with orchids)

Wild & free: The Garden July 2011
(Foraging for wild foods: some library photos)

…and with my words but other photographers’ images:

Fruit machines: The Garden April 2007
(An industrial style of cordon apple growing)

Survival of the fattest: The Garden Aug 2008
(Cheshire Gooseberry Shows)

…and with my photos but another author’s words:

Hardy Blechnum in cultivation: The Plantsman March 2012


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