Book design

Two books that I have designed are shown here. The more complex by far was Wildlife of a Garden: A Thirty-Year Study by Jennifer Owen, published by the RHS (2012). It included an enormous number of tables, which were quite a challenge to lay out, balance, edit and proof-read. I also did all of the photo research for the book, and supplied a few of the photos myself (some shown below), including the cover, which was specially set up using Dr Owen’s own microscope, notes and slides to represent the desk in her surburban house on the outskirts of Leicester where she conducted her remarkable research project. The editor was Mike Grant, who also edits The Plantsman.

Another book on which I worked around the same time was rather simpler and more pictorial. It was The Hartley Owner’s Guide to Greenhouse Gardening, written by Nigel Colborn for Hartley Botanic, manufacturers and installers of high-quality glasshouses and coldframes. Again I included some of my own photographs to fill gaps in what was readily available from libraries, (but NB some of the shots on the spreads shown below, and the cover, are library shots taken by other photographers). The editor for this project was Ian Hodgson, former editor of The Garden.


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